The story of my music

Music as a form of therapy

It’s been just over a decade since I started writing songs. The first one arrived unexpectedly and I imagine I felt like a kid who realizes they can burp… what just came out of me?? Over the course of the next three months, ten songs emerged and became my first album, Crossing Imaginary Lines.

Songwriting was a form of therapy, allowing me to process and integrate my experiences on an emotional level, slipping under the radar of an intellectualizing filter. Looking back, I see that I was creating mantras for myself to re-write a self-critical soundtrack playing in my head. Now, twelve years later, I still look to these songs for inspiration and wisdom. I recently sang one of my songs live at The School of Intuitive Leadership. 

Over the next few months, I’m delighted to share each of the songs from my first album, along with some perspective from this vantage point and questions for your consideration.

Here is a sweet article written about the Philadelphia Fringe Festival show I created in 2012 on the same themes.

Michal Pearl Waldfogel_Holistic Medecine_Healing music

Reflection Questions

What wisdom did I have 10+ years ago that I need to be reminded of?

How may I integrate what I “know” in my intellect with what I know intuitively to be true for me?

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"I feel like I am on a greater mission. To learn to hear my own intuition.
I needed to practice, just like anything else.. This fine art of trusting myself.
But intuition can be kind of hard to find. And it sure can help to have someone remind me
Once in a while of my deepest desire. To live a life that’s truly inspired!"
- from Michal's song, "Only a Path"