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Holistic Medicine

Root-cause medicine with a focus on mental health and emotional wellbeing

Holistic Medicine

Root-cause medicine with a focus on mental health and emotional wellbeing

A whole person health approach for Philly

Dr. Michal is delighted to offer 1-on-1 naturopathic medicine care in Center City, Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania

How it works

Curious about what a comprehenive, holistic approach to your health looks like? Learn about the step-by-step process of working 1-on-1 with Dr. Michal.

What brings you in today?

Check out some of the most common reasons people seek out Dr. Michal for naturopathic, functional, integrative and holistic medicine care.

My values + your FAQs

Find out about the philosophy and values behind Dr. Michal’s care, as well as and the nuts-and-bolts of working together.

For providers

Dr. Michal loves collaborating with colleagues to share her expertise in integrative medicine, holistic mental health care, group visit facilitation and community-building.

How it Works

Michal Pearl Waldfogel_Holistic Mental Health

Connection Call

Before you invest precious time and hard-earned treasure, let’s find out if we’d be a good fit to work together toward your health goals. During this free fifteen minute phone call you have an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about naturopathic medicine and get a sense of how we may approach our work together.

Michal Pearl Waldfogel_Holistic Mental Health

Initial Naturopathic Consultation

This is our initial visit together when we talk about where you’ve been, where you are and where you’d like to be with your health over the next 3-12 months. We discuss your values and how you understand and measure your health. We look at your current practices, including any medications or supplements you are taking. We review past health information and decide if any more data, such as gathering additional health records, completing a questionnaire or recommending lab testing, would be necessary to help craft your care plan. This comprehensive visit lasts up to 80 minutes.

Michal Pearl Waldfogel_Holistic Mental Health

Holistic Care Plan Appointment

This visit, scheduled about 2-4 weeks after the first one, is when we review any additional information and go over a proposed care plan to address the root causes of your health concerns. It’s kind of like a travel itinerary for your health plan with points of interest along the way (check-ins, follow-up testing recommendations, etc) and lots of room for exploration. You will leave this visit with a clear timeline of how we will work together over the next 3-12 months with built-in adaptability for when things inevitably don’t go as planned. This visit lasts up to 50 minutes.

Michal Pearl Waldfogel_Holistic Mental Health

Ongoing Care Appointments

Change can be hard! We’ll determine together how often to check in to make sure you are on track toward your health goals.   

What brings you in today?

People seek out Dr. Michal for a variety of reasons. Usually, they are not getting the answers they are looking for from the conventional medical system.  They are looking for a knowledgable, compassionate provider who will hold a space where they can be fully seen, heard and respected. Please note that while Dr. Michal is a licensed healthcare provider in Washington State, she does not diagnose or treat medical conditions here in Pennsylvania.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“My doctor says everything looks fine, but I still don’t feel well”

“I received a medical or mental health diagnosis and I want to see what else I can be doing to support my health”

“I’m taking, like, a hundred supplements and I want to make sure I’m not wasting my money!”

“The treatment recommended for me is really expensive, invasive and/or has intolerable side effects and I want to find out if there are other options.”

Seeing you as a whole person who may be struggling with a mental health condition, like…

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Stress
  • OCD
  • Panic attacks
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • ADHD
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Chronic Alcohol Use
  • Insomnia
  • Disordered Eating
  • Physical symptoms that are worse with stress

My values + your FAQs

Philosophy of care

Michal’s Approach:

  • My practice is evidence-inspired, meaning that I combine a critical evaluation of modern medical research with ancient practices, my personal and professional experience and, most importantly, YOUR values and preferences. All recommendations are made with safety, effectiveness and affordability at the forefront.
  • We work from an expansive list of possible root causes, which never blame or shame you for your current health concern. My framework is trauma-informed and anti-oppression grounded. I don’t use weight as a metric for health and am sensitive to patients with an eating disorder history or who are concerned about their relationship with food.
  • By working together, we create a safe and effective plan that makes sense for you, feels supportive and sets you up for sustainable success, how you define it.
  • As a healthcare provider, educator and human I am forever in the process of learning and unlearning my biases. Professionally, I continue to pursue training and seek out opportunities to check where my privileges have left a blind spot that could affect your care.

Fee schedule (as of January 1, 2024):

  • Initial visit (up to 80 minutes): $288
  • Care Plan visit (up to 50 minutes): $180
  • Follow-up/check-in visits (20-50 minutes): $72-180
  • Group check-in visits (weekly 50 minute virtual visit, up to 10 participants): $18

We are unable to provide insurance billing or superbills in Pennsylvania, though you may be able to use HSA/FSA card for care.

If you are a Washington state resident, we can provide a superbill for out-of-network reimbursement and you can use your HSA/FSA card.  


For providers


Foundations of Mental Health Nutrition: A Training For Therapists 
Presented by Dr. Michal Waldfogel, ND | Hosted by Sanare Today

Date: Friday, January 19, 2024
Time: 12:30PM-3:30PM
Location: Virtual
Cost: $75
3 CEs Offered

This webinar is not just an opportunity to earn CE credits; it’s a chance to elevate your therapeutic approach and empower your clients on a whole new level!

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to identify common nutrient deficiencies that may have an impact on your clients’ mental health
  • Learn safe, effective and affordable approaches within your scope of practice to recommend to clients
  • Learn when and how to refer and collaborate with other healthcare providers
  • Practice how to address nutrition with your clients in a way that preserves the therapeutic alliance and reduces the potential to inadvertently cause harm


“Wisdom and knowledge blended together”

Michal is one of the most attentive practitioners I have ever worked with. Her deep listening skills, magical touch and gentle approach makes you feel seen, heard and understood in a way that we rarely get to experience when managing our health in the traditional health world. Her wisdom and knowledge blended together truly make you feel like you are in the hands of a skilled therapist.

Jennifer Jane Young

Intuitive Business Advisor, The School of Intuitive Leadership


“Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together”

Michal (aka Dr.W) is insightful, informative and wonderful at putting the puzzle pieces together to form a clear picture of what we are experiencing (in our health, in our body, in our life) and suggesting a versatility of approaches to reassure us, and to help us evolve with a clear direction, a clear intention. 

Carina Raisman

Founder of Re:source: Yoga Therapy School and Clinic (resourceyoga.com)

“Warm, Supportive, and Empathetic Approach”

I wanted to share with you that I highly recommended you to the UW Headache clinic and shared with them not only the great benefits I’ve had working with you, but your warm, supportive, and empathetic approach.  The doctor I visited with was very much interested in having someone she can refer her patients to when patients ask for a more holistic approach.  I did share with her that your focus is on mental health, taking into account headaches, amino acid deficiencies, and nutrition.

Solange B.

Seattle, WA

“We figured out new supports to completely transform my energy levels”

Working with Dr. Michal was the missing piece to my mental and physical health puzzle this past year. Coming out of the pandemic, even as a mental and physical health practitioner myself, I was out of whack in ways I didn’t know how to handle, and my conventional western doctors were of no help. Dr. Michal was the full package: excellent bedside manner, incredibly supportive, and we figured out new supports to completely transform my energy levels. I couldn’t be more grateful. Wholeheartedly recommend.


“(She) makes sure she fully understands what I am asking, and responds with no judgment”

I am lucky to know Michal on many levels. I have sought her wisdom for spirituality and for personal health concerns. She always listens, makes sure she fully understands what I am asking, and responds with no judgment and with full support. We have had discussions about the healthcare profession (which I am also in) and I know she approaches her patients with great care.


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