My singer-songwriter journey officially began unexpectedly one morning in November 2011 as a way for me to re-write the critical soundtrack playing  in my head. I entered 2012 with a couple songs kicking around and left it with a self-produced concert, Fringe Festival show, various open mic appearances, a music video, slow album release, a few voice lessons and the confidence to call myself a musician. Studio recording for my debut album commenced early 2013 and after a few detours released in October 2014 along with a postcard pack.

some nice things people have written about my music:


Michal Waldfogel bursts into local music scene with soulful, salient music

By Gwen Davis

Looking for the freshest new face in the local music industry? Singer and songwriter Michal Waldfogel popped her way into Seattle’s music scene last Sat. when she launched her latest album by giving a free concert at the Hillman City Collaboratory.
Waldfogel, 29, produces soulful, melodic songs that describe illusions perplexing society. The album, entitled “Crossing Imaginary Lines” gives listeners insight into Waldfogel’s non-traditional ways of viewing the world, as well as access to her powerhouse voice combined with gentle guitar and flute.

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Exploring the Music of Philadelphia’s Michal Pearl Waldfogel

By Megan Larsen on July 11, 2013@meglarsen
A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet with Michal Pearl Waldfogel, a Philadelphia raised musician. As a woman with an extremely inspirational outlook on traveling, music, and life, Michal’s music speaks of self-love and body mind connectedness. Although Michal is moving to Seattle this upcoming year, her music will continue to make an impact in the great city of Philadelphia. It is clear that with a spirit a genuine as Michal’s, no matter where she is, she will continue inspiring people with whatever she is doing. It was a pleasure meeting with her and getting a glimpse into her mind.



Posted September 14th, 2012

Prarthana Jayaram is a Philly-based writer and regular Festival Blog contributor.

“Limitations in our minds are connected to those in our bodies,” says Michal Waldfogel, a Philadelphia native and local musician.

These self-imposed limitations are the subject of her new Fringe show, Crossing Imaginary Lines, in which she combines yogic practices with music to engage audiences. With eight years of yoga experience under her belt (three of which she has spent teaching), Michal is excited to combine her work in understanding and stretching physical limitations with the theme of overcoming boundaries in her compositions. She observes that both yoga and music are healing arts, and it is this inherent connection that she works to bring out in her performances.

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