If they can make make penicillin out of mouldy bread, they can sure make something out of you.
Muhammad Ali


Let it Rise: New Innovative Challah Workshops
October 7, 2010, 2:36pm
By Elizabeth Alpern
A new crop of challah-making workshops popping up across the country is proving that truly, man cannot live on bread alone. By integrating yoga, music, meditation, activism and prayer into challah-making, these creative workshops offer a chance to connect to Judaism, community, and food in an informal manner that goes way beyond a sweet eggy loaf.
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Miriam from the Philadelphia Jewish Grad Network wrote about her experience on her blog, 25X52.

Shoshi, who organized Deep Breath Baking with her group in Montreal, wrote a lovely reflection of the experience on the blog, What the BIEC?

I’d just like to thank you, once again, for last night. We all had such a wonderful time. Your project is truly a unique gem.
Megan Barshop, Programming and Outreach Associate, The Collaborative

Deep Breath Baking is a wonderful offering, rich and joyous. Michal effortlessly weaves together the teachings inherent within baking bread, highlighting that rest is within the recipe. And we all need rest! Michal is a wonderful teacher, facilitating with so much heart, intention, and love, holding a space for the participants to explore, and delve deeply with curiosity.  The yoga class within the workshop felt so nourishing-really the whole experience felt so nourishing. I highly recommend Michal and Deep Breath Baking!
Emily Wishnick, yoga teacher

Michal’s workshop was not only relaxing, but inspiring. I’d highly recommend it for any group!
Marissa Rosen, Event Planner, University of PA

Michal’s taught me to bake bread with patience. I could never get my yeast to bubble until I learned to take deep breaths and wait, a life lesson that easily transfers to the rest of my life.  Plus, now it bubble happily every time. Thanks Michal!
Lily Cavanagh

If you are looking to satisfy your appetite for bread, come to Michal’s workshop. If you are looking to stimulate your appetite for a deeper and more meaningful understanding of nourishment, then Michal will be a guide. I have experienced both sorts of appetites at her workshop (in Montreal). As my friend she has taught me so much, and as a workshop leader, she is most generous with these same friendly teachings. Adaptable, sincere, and able, Michal also bakes a mean loaf of challah!
Leah, with Chunks of Energy

Sound like the best thing since sliced bread?
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