Dear communities,

we made the invitations at home with our printer, a paper cutter and double-sided tape

This anniversary is particularly powerful for me. As I reflect on taking on the responsibilities of Jewish adulthood twenty years ago, I now am taking on the responsibilities of my calling and profession as a naturopathic doctor. My original Dvar Torah (speech) focused on the Golden Calf section of my reading and the danger of idolatry, comparing it to the popular TV show, American Idol and consumerism in general. This time around I am exploring the section of my reading that contains the commandment to keep shabbat (sabbath), a practice I adopted when I started naturopathic medical school. The service will include optional mindfulness/movement practice and interactive discussion of the importance of rest for overall health.


In 1998 I saw Titanic three times in the movie theater, was starting to understand the politics discussed at the dinner table just in time for the first Clinton scandal and was Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It on the dance floor of my friends’ Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties.

with Reconstructionist Rabbi Vivi (she played guitar, too).
During my time as a student clinician at Bastyr University the last couple years, I was able to do offsite clinic rotations at Mary’s Place downtown (a women’s day shelter) and at Mary’s Place north (a family shelter). Also, Kadima (my Jewish community) shares a building with Julia’s Place, another family shelter that’s associated with Mary’s Place. I invite you to bring a gift for these places that have so inspired me.
  • Mary’s Place general wish list
  • Julia’s Place made a few special requests: “we could use arts & crafts supplies (no glitter), board games/card games (no puzzles), young adult books, and G/PG-rated DVDs. Monetary donations would be fine if that’s easier!”
following in my brother’s footsteps, I took my friends out to the woods to play paintball for the party!

Please join me as I celebrate the 20th anniversary of becoming a Bat Mitzvah (lit. daughter of the commandments; Jewish adult)

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Kadima 832 32nd Ave 98122 Seattle, WA

Delicious lunch, hamantaschen and schmoozing to follow (12-1pm). Bring your own dishes/cutlery if you can to cut down on clean up.